About Us

Company Overview

Precision Mates was formed in 2005 as a partnership firm. This company started the business, with producing disposable plastic cutlery (spoon, knife, forks etc) along with plastic containers for ice creams and other food packaging.

In 2008 a strategic decision was taken and the company became a vendor of technology intensive products for the expanding automobile industry and other assembly units.

Precision Mates now has a portfolio of varied products with a large client base. Supplies are made to assemblers and manufacturers of Cars, Air Conditioners, Electronic Equipment’s, Food and Pharmaceutical items, Home appliances components etc. Our products are known for quality and reliability. We have the know-how and the capability of using engineering plastics enabling us to manufacture products to meet the special requirements and standards of our customers.

It is ensured that every batch of the components that leaves the factory strictly conforms to our standards of quality.

We have a built in a concern in the Company to ensure regular supplies according to the delivery schedules given to us by our customers.